Aulafacil informatica

Free computer course for adults

The purpose of the computer course is for the student to know and understand how computers work and the processes that allow the handling, storage, processing and transmission of information through digital formats.

To obtain the certificate of studies you will need to enroll in the course of your interest, select the option «study with certificate» and pay a fee adjusted to the economy of your country. Finally, you will need to pass the course with a minimum grade to receive your certification.

Free online computer courses with certificate

Nowadays computers are a necessity that we all need to learn in order to be up to date and enjoy all the advantages that new technologies offer in our lives. You may not want to be a computer expert but I am sure you will want to learn new things about computers in order to be updated and to be able to manage well in the world of new technologies.

Nowadays if what you want is to learn in a self-taught way to be able to handle yourself well with the computer you should know that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on courses. Thanks to some courses that you can find on the Internet you can learn important computer concepts and also without spending a euro.

Learning computers requires time and practice so you have to be sure that you want to learn it and above all, be constant in your learning to ensure that the knowledge you acquire will be useful in your day to day life. But, where can you start learning? If you are not very good at computer science you can learn from zero, that is to say going from little to more and looking for courses that qualify you for a good use of the computer, some examples can be:

Computer courses

We have already mentioned that the possibilities of complementary training are very extensive and varied, so it is impossible to reflect here all the available offer, in addition to the fact that each specific sector also has its own training resources and specialization. Therefore, in this entry we list a sample of entities, organizations and companies that offer all types of training, with different contents, formats, delivery methods and prices.

The Public Employment Service of our community offers online courses of transversal competences for employment. They are free, tutored and with a diploma of achievement. Their objective is to improve employability and promote lifelong learning, through courses on written communication, leadership and team management, decision making, communication techniques, etc. In order to access these courses you must be registered in Labora. More information about Labora

Free online training service of the Generalitat Valenciana whose purpose is to train citizens on issues that are of practical use to them. It is also free, open and without prerequisites. If we consult its website we can see from courses related to Internet management, wireless network security, computer security for minors, introduction to LibreOficce Writtrer, to how to carry out procedures with the regional administration through the electronic office. More information

Free office course

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